The Acid Ape Chess game database explained
The big picture

Our game database explained
210M positions - 3.6M games - 270k players - 55k tournaments - updated continuously

Compiling and merging millions of chess games from several different sources is a task no human can envision to perform manually in any sort of reasonable timeframe. This is where our excellence at software engineering comes into play.

Ape Merge™, our advanced system for delivering a consolidated high-quality chess database, largely outperforms the rudimentary mechanisms used by our competitors. Is their database updated regularly? Certainly not as frequently as they claim. Do they properly fix tournament, game and player duplicates? We would not bet on it. Is their database as furnished and polished as ours? Of course not!

As a little experiment, we have searched for our professional chess consultant (IM Mohammad Fahad Rahman) in the database of a very well known competitor based in Germany. Result? They don't even get his name right (inverting his last name and given names), and his most recent game in their database is from January 2019 (this article was written on April 30, 2019). Even though Mohammad won the Asian Zonals that made him an IM in... March 2019.

What does this mean? That future opponents of Mohammad, shall they use the software from this competitor for their preparation, put themselves at a competitive disadvantage by doing so. They will be missing out many games from their opponent. If you are a professional player, check for yourself: search for your own entry; search for players you know, previous opponents, more obscure players, anybody.

Don't miss a chance anymore. Don't lose a game because of incomplete preparation anymore. This can cost you opportunities. This can cost you prize money. This can slow down your overall progression. Choose to have the edge on the competition: use Acid Ape Chess Grandmaster Edition!

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